"I had three flights to get to Sat Lake and when I got there I couldn't unlock my luggage (Briggs). Briggs was closed and Google found them as the repair centre, I called, they were closing in 10 minutes but they waited for me after hours and did the repair!!"

"Had a musical instrument case with a broken handle. Most music stores don't want to do this type of repair and consequently charge an arm and a leg. Looked for luggage repair shops and found this one online. Bought a very nice replacement handle at this luggage center and had it cheerfully replaced while I waited. As another reviewer stated, this business does not have a nice location or storefront, but the people were knowledgeable, helpful, and efficient."

"When I was a kid, there was this amazing fishing outfitter in the town I grew up in. They would take the time to teach you about the best places to go, the best fishing supplies, how to use your gear, and how to catch the best fish around. Every time we would go there, I always learned something new and we always caught amazing fish. NOW, compare that to Travel Outfitters and their missionary stores. The sales staff is non-commissioned and has taught me so much amazing information about travel and also sells the best luggage in the world. Besides helping with travel, they also outfit missionaries and have taught me things that I wish I would have known about when I served a mission. This place is absolutely worth the visit."

"I have worried about our trip to Europe this summer that will involve so much waking since I am having a hard time walking far and suffer from lower back, hip, foot and calf aches after walking. Mark at ILC introduced and outfitted me with fitted shoe insoles. I have already noticed a big difference. Wow. I am going back for fitted shoes now. They actually measure your feet and fit the shoes to your feet including size AND Width. The shoes I have now allow my feet to slide around. I am
Looking forward to my return to ILC. That also have everything imaginable for travel and it is top quality."

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