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International Luggage Collection
35 years in the Travel Industry, We have filled in the needs that satisfy our customers travel to make it more enjoyable to travel.

Luggage, Carry-Ons, Business Cases & Personal Bags
Luggage Grade Cases, Department Store Grade or Mass Merchant Luggage. We do ALL styles to help you travel.

Luggage Tags
Essential for Spotting your bags... Don't forget to not use your HOME address when filling it out

Comfort for Travel
Pillows, blankets, eye shades & so much more...

Electrical Essentials
Adapter OR Converter; What ids the difference? Back up Battery power for that cell phone. Cord organization. You came to the right place!

Key feature for EASY travel! Pack cubes, Organizing bags, Jewelry and Medication organization & more...

Toiletry Essentials
Hangup Toiletry bags to Bottles that don't leak. See the variety of essentials to make travel easier.

Travel Essentials
Those items that make travel EASY! Check these out...

Security Essentials
From under the clothes stashes to wallets and personal totes... Security is TRUE ease of mind!

Health, Medical & Safety
1st Aid, Insect Repellents, Sunscreen & Bed bug safety

Shoes, Socks & Insoles
Travel shoes are specifically chosen to give comfort, support, lite weight and functional!

Water Safety
Water is #1 to stay feeling GREAT on YOUR Trip... Learn the steps from us!

Insect Repellents

Travel Sheets, Blankets, Pillows, Sleeping Bags & Liners are highly functional and convenient. With minimal weight and compactness, thoughtful styles, excellent workmanship and high quality materials.

Clothing with Technical Features
Finally, Travel clothing that has Security features, Health features, Technical features & more...


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Go Travel Quiet Zone ear plugs

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Attenuated Ear Plugs. Interchangable ear plugs. Filtering ear plugs that either filters room noise (high frequency) or snoring noise (low frequency). Soft fit silicone material. Includes travel case

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