Luggage Repair Services

Our North Salt Lake, Utah based luggage repair facility stocks over 50,000 parts!  With over 35 years in business, we can repair most luggage problems.

Travel without luggage hassles with our FREE pre-travel luggage inspection service! We also offer FREE repair quotes!

Duct Taped, Weary and Tired Luggage? Our highly trained Luggage Experts can give your luggage new life!

Q:  How long does a typical repair take?
We try and accommodate all types of traveler's needs and demands.  A minor repair may be done on the spot or within the week if you are leaving town quickly.

Q:  What kind of repair work can we do?
We pride ourselves in repairing all sorts of soft-sided items.  Don't hesitate to call or bring in that heirloom you thought could never be repaired.

Q:  How much does a repair cost?
We'll review the repair while you wait and determine the price. Our rate is $60/hour plus parts, unless it's covered by a "Briggs and Riley" or "International Luggage" warranty.

Q: Do you build custom cases?
Absolutely! Whether we build one from scratch or retrofit an existing case to fit your lifestyle, we love to make your dreams a reality.

Q: Do you build Large Volume of cases?
Absolutely! Whether we build 500 or 50,000. We have over 3 decades of International Manufacturing.

Luggage Repair Prices (approximate)

 Tears, Restitching & Seams  $60.00/hour
Carry Handle Starting at $28.00
Luggage Cleaning Starting at $29.99 for carry-ons
Pull Handle Starting at $65.00 
Wheel, 2 wheel Starts at $30.00/per wheel
Wheel, Spinner (4 Wheel bag) Starts at $38.00/per spinner wheel
Zipper Slider installed
with zipper stops
Starts at $22.00
Zipper Tab Starts at $4.00
Zipper Restitch $60.00/hour