About Us

Originally "International Luggage Center" we have grown to serve your travel needs in EVERY area of Travel. Now as "ILC Travel Outfitters" we have been providing the Salt Lake City, Utah and Western U.S.A. area with world class luggage, Total Missionary Outfitting & Essentials, travel accessories, Repairs and 72 hour emergency essentials since 1982.

Mark Pantelakis started the company with a mission to provide products and services that simplify and enhance any type of travel, whether it's cruising, globe trotting, family getaways, or a weekend sightseeing trip in the city. We have over 100 training videos & counting.

Our specialty is teaching others how to travel light (with only a "carry-on", can you believe 17 shirts on hangers!), stay healthy, avoid security snafus, and dress practically for convenient, hassle-free, and unforgettable journeys. Watch Mark's 30 day's in a carry-on packing video.

With over 30 years of industry experience, as well as one of the world’s largest luggage showrooms (over 1000 suit cases on display), and a friendly, knowledgeable staff, you can be confident that we're providing you with the finest travel gear, clothing, and supplies necessary to ensure your safety and comfort wherever you may roam!


Meet Our Staff! 

Mark Pantelakis
Observing temple patrons carrying their temple clothing in a brown paper sack in 1982 inspired Mark to design and manufacture the very first temple case. The ripple continues as he designed the very first "right side up" design scripture case preventing broken scripture bindings. He is now paving the trail developing a line of Elder's travel clothing designed to combat mosquitos and answers many tough questions facing our missionaries today. 

Becky Hale 
Her eye for finding deals and teaching others was showcased on Fox 13 for 5 years beginning in 2005. Mark designed and manufactured her first coupon case. She pursues quality and value in products as the business continues to grow in the various markets. 
Marlayna Peck Hendricks 
Three generations strong the Peck/Grant family has been in the LDS industry beginning with Grant & Sons in Downtown Salt Lake City and branching off into Zion's Treasures, Sounds of Zion and Missionary Emporium. She's continuing the excitement and bringing knowledge to the LDS community. 
Derek Rosecrans 
Corporate Account Rep. 
Our newest member of the team brings much passion in relation to his background as a General Contractor to pursuing a Biology degree. From remodeling the showroom, to researching the latest Zika Virus, he is a wealth of knowledge and skills and is always eager to teach those around him.